Second Bottle



Dao Portugal

Touriga Nacional / Alfrocheiro Preto

2015 – 14% – $18

Acid – 1.8 out of 5

Dry – 2.7 out of 5

            A little over two years ago I had the privilege of visiting Portugal.  I fell in love with the structure and complexity of the wines that I experienced.  From the Ports of Douro to the Touriga’s of Dao.  Each one provided a new tasting note that exemplified how one small but geographically diverse country can produce such extreme differences in wine.  Some of my favorites were the wines that went along with the medieval, rich, sea forward cuisines of the Portuguese.   I’m still holding onto two Tinto’s from the Douro that miraculously made the voyage back unharmed.

            For this review we’re hitting the mountainous Dao region and let’s just say Dan’s disappointed.  We’ll also be joined by Dan’s parents for this write up…. But let’s take their thoughts with a grain of salt.  My father could drink a jug of Carlo Rossi and say it was the greatest thing ever and my mother could down a bottle of wine like it was water…  But hey, wine runs deep in these Fierro’s.  Miguele’s appreciation for this wine increased as his cheeks got rosier (he’s a man of few words – but he did spill his potatoes explaining how good this wine made him feel).  Diana was pretty much on board with what is to come in the remainder of this review…

But enough about the hue of my father’s face.  An assault on the senses, this wine surely lives up to its name.  Like most insurgents, it looks intimidating but can’t actually shoot straight.

            Insurgente has a bold dark purple look to it and in all honesty looks fantastic in the glass.  On the nose you catch strong dark fruit scents, most powerful being cherry and plum.  This wine leaves you with subtle but refreshing hints of dark chocolate.  Once again, on the nose this wine is very pleasant but that’s where my enjoyment of this wine ends.

            If you’re looking for a fruit forward wine with a bit of a tannic bite, this wine is perfect for you!  Other than that it’s a bit basic in my opinion.  It is what it is from first taste to last.  Really doesn’t leave you longing for more.  It’s there, you’re drinking it, so you might as well finish it.  But, no second bottle of this one please.  To be fair, it is a wine that’s well put together.  It is fruit forward with a bit of structure to it.  Not really my bag, but if you love fruit forward wines that are pretty easy to drink go buy a bottle of Insurgente Tinto.  I will not be!

Value – One Time Buy

Taste – 2 out of 5

Value – 2 out of 5

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