Second Bottle


Le Volte

Toscana Italy

Merlot 67% / Cabernet Sauvignon 20% / Sangiovese 13%

2015 – 14.5% – $27

Acid – 3 out of 5

Dry – 4.3 out of 5

            If I could visit one country over and over again it would be Italy.  Italy has some of the most beautiful landscapes, foods, and wines.  My favorite thing about it is the ability to visit a different city, climate, or atmosphere each time you go.  It has so much to offer, from medieval towns to gorgeous coastlines, to trendy modern cities.  One of those regions to hold a special place in my heart is Tuscany.  Tuscany is not only known for its outrageous countryside, renaissance art and architecture, but some of the best wines in the world including the Brunello di Montalcino- my personal favorite. 

            Tuscany may be most well known for producing something called “Super Tuscan” wines.  Super Tuscans are full bodied, big, and rich.  And Ornellaia, Le Volte falls right into the Super Tuscan category.  Through the glass Le Volte has a very deep garnet color.  On the nose there are hints of tobacco, dark fruits, licorice, and spice.  There is no mistaking where this wine was produced. 

Smelling this wine brings back memories of being 10-years old sitting around the family table at a holiday get together (before the pasta fagioli worked its way through my grandfather).  Sitting there watching my uncles and cousins drinking jugs of table wine playing all kinds of card games.  The rooms filled with antipasto, bocconcini, calamari, ham, turkey, bowls on bowls of meat sauced pasta, and most importantly Neapolitan dialect that no proper Italian would understand.

            On first sip you can tell just how dry this wine is.  It gives you a mouth smacking bite.  Yes, it is quite bold like most Tuscans, but it’s not too overbearing.  As the wine continues to breathe you begin to feel it most in the back of your throat.  What this wine lacks in strong tannins it makes up in complexity on your palate.  There is no doubting that this is an old school rustic wine.  This is the kind of wine you only drink with food such as tomato based pastas and heavy protein meals.  It’s perfect to bring to that BYOB red sauce joint you’ve been meaning to check out.

            This is a fun wine and for under $30 it can’t be beat especially if you want to enjoy what Tuscany has to offer.  What I’m left with after finishing this wine are thoughts of the settings in which I’d want to drink it again.  I want to throw four bottles of Le Volte into a jug, invite my oldest relatives over, and make some pasta.  We’d sit around the table finishing the jug while playing Scopa until someone gets upset, curses in Italian (the classic – che cazzo e¢ freddo che fa¢), and flips the table… but only after every last drop of Le Volte is gone.

Value – Casual Night

Taste – 3 out of 5

Overall – 2.5 out of 5

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