Second Bottle

Domaine La Manarine

Rosé Wine


2018 – 13.5% – $14

Cotes Du Rhone, France

Acid – 2.7 out of 5

Dry- 4 out of 5

The 4th of the July in my book is the real start of the summer.  It’s a celebration not only of America’s birthday but a way to get you in to full swing of what’s to come during the remaining summer months (the barbeques, the beaches, the pools, the hikes, etc).  And there’s no better way to kick off summer than having a group of friends together for a weekend away on the beach.  Synonymous with friends and beach, is drinking lots of Rosé. 

For this review I’m going to shy away from my usual write up about the wine and instead write about how wine can be experienced/shared with others.  And just in case you’re curious this wine was ok, nothing special.  A really dry Rosé that for $14 is worth $14.  The company is better than the wine.

As I’ve said in previous reviews, wine has the magical ability to not only tell you about its place of origin but to transport you there.  Wine can transmit a sense of place, culture, people, and time.  Most importantly, it can bring family and friends together, seated around the table and provoke heated discussion about what the wine means to each person.  In this particular instance my friends weren’t the most eloquent individuals when explaining the wine, but still the enjoyment was there.  As one of them so brilliantly described, “mouthsome, crisp, the salt of the balls really opened it up.”  (He’ll remain nameless…)

Wine is special.  It’s meant to be shared.  Its purpose is to be enjoyed and there is no better setting than around a table with some of your closest friends or relatives.  You’re not always going to like the same wine and certainly won’t be able to describe or appreciate wine in a similar fashion, but you can guarantee bottles will be emptied with lots of laughs.  While drinking this wine I was reminded to enjoy every moment, to cherish those close to you, and live your best life.

A bottle of crushed, fermented grapes can bring individuals together to discuss what they feel, experience, and like.  Yes, sometimes people don’t take a tasting seriously and the wine may not be great, but those shared moments are what makes it all worth it.  So, go buy a bottle or two of wine, gather some friends to experience it with, and appreciate all those little moments that follow.

Taste – 6

Recommend – 6

Price – 9

Smell – 7

Complexity – 5

Overall – 33

Fine near you Here!

Unfortunately, couldn’t find it online for shipping to your home!

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