Second Bottle

Game of Thrones

Red Blend

Paso Robles, USA


2016 / 13.9% / $20

I’ve been holding onto this bottle for a while now.  Given the way things ended in the series, I felt I needed some time to let the filth of the final season clear from my mouth.  And boy did this bottle of wine just refill my mouth with a whole lot of filth!  You guys already know I don’t like throwing the word “best” around often, because there is so much more to enjoy in life and particularly wine.  But oh man oh man, I don’t mind throwing out the word “worst!”  And this bay boy was the worst bottle I’ve had to date!

If you’re like me – someone who has watched Game of Thrones from very first episode to the last… you had also been dreading the conclusion of the series.  Like many others, I’d been hoping that somehow, the show runners could pull off a Breaking Bad-like ending.  But man did they let us all down.

After waiting several months since the show’s finale, I finally dusted off this bottle with the hopes of sipping one of the finest “Dornish” reds, blood of my blood, etc, etc… and boy was I disappointed.

This was hands down some of the worst wine I have ever tasted.  I’d even grab a bottle of Chateau Diana over this one – and not just because my mother’s name is Diana!  My father is known for drinking some bottom of the barrel wines.  I’ve even witnessed him drink a month old already opened Carlo Rossi, but I would never dream of disappointing my father by having him drink this rot gut of a vintage.

This bottle of wine is as if the creators attempted to throw some jazzy CGI at us with the belief that loyal fans would overlook all of the crappy dialogue, and horrible writing (aside from Season 8 Episode 2).  I’m going to take this bottle and send it far north over the wall to follow Jon as he goes to do god knows what beyond the wall.  Even this bottle knows nothing!

In all seriousness this wine is just bad.  It was way too acidic and made my mouth feel terrible while trying to enjoy it on one of my last summer nights.  I usually try to find flaws in my wine reviews but for this one I struggled to find a positive.  All I could find from Game of Thrones attempt at wine was their intricately designed cork (it had all of the houses on it).  I apologize but I couldn’t bring myself to actually rate it or even bother looking up where you can purchase and where you can get it delivered.  If you go through that trouble, it’s on you.

Just like Tyrion, “I drink, and I know things.”  I drank this wine and know I never want to have another sip of it!

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