Second Bottle

Terra del Principato

Issàra Taurasi


2008 / 14%

I’ve kept this bottle for close to 6 years.  It was a travel gift given to me by my brother after one of his trips to Italy.  I’ve been holding onto it to share with someone special, possibly for special occasion, but mostly because I kept it between the wine cellar and fridge which led to me forgetting about it…

I finally decided that there was no better time to open it than during a weekend trip to Gilboa with my father.  In the words of Mike Fierro, “this wine is dry, tastes old, and reminds me of the old Porsche 911’s.”  That’s why you drink wine with this man because you never know what will come out of his mouth once it starts flowing. 

Over my 32 years of being a Fierro I’ve learned a few things.  I’ve learned that Fierros are old souled, a different bird, enjoy dry humor, and are full of love.  Love for life, family, relationships, and everything grape.  Fierros dedicate themselves to others unconditionally without a second thought.  And often put their feelings to the side to make sure others are happy, safe, comfortable, and loved.

That is the reason Fierros and wine go hand in hand.  When wine is made right, you experience that love… the love for crafting the wine, processing it, and wanting others to experience the vintner’s passion for the grape.  Often times when drinking a stellar wine, you can feel the dedication, heart and soul of the winemaker transferring into the glass.

Taurasi’s are produced with love, and crafted with passion.  They’re made to last, to grow old with, and get better as they age.  Pretty much like a Fierro.  I could sense the tannins in this wine, feel the dryness, and longevity of the grape.  However, I think because I wasn’t able to keep it at a consistent temperature this bottle did not age well.  There was just an odd after taste that didn’t seem to belong there.  Kind of like an old unmaintained Porsche 911.  Maybe it’s because of my overall disgust for anything affiliated with UCONN but this Taurasi did not settle well.

Unfortunately, this wine is not easy to come by but if you ever see one in a store purchase it to hold onto, to share with someone special, or to just drink.  Because that’s why wine is made, to drink and share with the ones you love most.

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