Second Bottle

Grand’ Arte

Touriga Nacional

2012 / $15 / 13%

Lisbon, Portugal

Lately I’ve been tasting my way through Italy quite a bit, so I decided to head west for my next review.  Even though it’s nice to keep dipping your beak in Italian grapes, sometimes you just have to change things up.  Lisbon just so happens to be Europe’s farthest west wine producing region.  As I have said in previous posts; Portugal does vino right.  Known for Port wines – which have been around since the early 17th century – they are essentially “fortified” wine that has been mixed with a small amount of distilled spirit, usually brandy.  Now, this post isn’t about Port wine – it’s about Lisbon’s table reds.  Just thought I’d give you a quick history lesson.

Grand’ Arte is produced with the Touriga Nacional grape, which by many is considered to be the grape of Portugal.  The Touriga Nacional is known for having a low yield but producing wines that are full of structure and high tannins.  Grand’ Arte is no different.  It’s a full-bodied wine that lets you know its high tannins on the follow through. 

This is by no means a top of the shelf/spectacular wine; but it’s certainly one I can drink on the regular.  Especially with cold weather around the corner and my fondness for heavy meals, this is a bottle I’ll be picking up again…  Gotta build up the fat preserves for the chilly months (restock the beef)!  This is a quality red that you can pull out for any casual night.  Though I wouldn’t break this out with the lady you’re trying to impress.  This is for the part of the relationship where you’ve been dating for a few months and you’ve already ripped one in front of her.  She knows what she signed up for and she’ll love you regardless!

In all seriousness this wine does smell absolutely fantastic.  I was a little bummed the smell didn’t translate to the taste though.  However, that’s to be expected sometimes.  I’d definitely pair this wine with a heavy meal and FYI it goes fantastic with dark chocolate… in case you’re feeling decadent.  For $15 I’d say that’s a pretty good deal and for any of my Westchester readers head to Westchester Wine Warehouse and pick up a bottle.  If you like dry, bold, reds it won’t knock your socks off but will hopefully hit the spot!

Taste – 7

Recommend – 8

Price – 9

Smell – 9

Complexity – 6

Overall – 39 out of 50

Find near you here!

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