Second Bottle

Domaine Alary

La Gerbaude

Cotes du Rhõne

2016 / $15 / 14.5%

Còtes du Rhõne, France

I had the pleasure of sipping this wine after a hard-fought victory over arch rival Scarsdale (I teach the kiddos, and coach high schoolers); a result that was won through a stress inducing overtime and penalty kicks.  Back in my day, the Scarsdale / White Plains soccer game was always circled on the calendar, and this game surely lived up to the tradition.  Needless to say, the big win tasted quite good, and I left the field in search of a celebratory red to keep that euphoria rolling to my palate.

I turned to La Gerbaude, which I must say, paired very well with the sweet, savory taste of victory.  This wine is particularly dry, so much so that it has a mouth smacking characteristic to it, which would definitely turn off some wine drinkers.  However, if you enjoy dry reds, you’d do well to scoop up this Còtes du Rhõne.  Where I went wrong was pairing it with some delicious, light fish.  This wine is NOT meant for a light meal.  It’s super heavy and full bodied and would go much better with lamb or pork.

Quick soccer update:  Unfortunately, by the time this blog is posted we’ve been kicked out of the playoffs having lost in the following round.  I will be in search of a new grape to drown my sorrows.  On to next season!

Taste – 7

Recommend – 7

Price – 9

Smell – 7

Complexity – 8

Overall – 38 out of 50

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