Second Bottle

Campo Viejo

Art Series Reserva

2014 / $14 / 13.5%

Rioja, Spain

Where do we begin with this one, oh where do we?  Admittedly, often times I don’t get around to writing these reviews until a few days or even a week after I’ve actually tasted the wine.  I keep a journal (wine bible) that I use to jot down my thoughts on the wine while sipping it and revert to those notes to craft these well-written (better edited) reviews.  I must say, it’s a pleasure to review my notes after a few days have passed, especially if the notes were made a few glasses into the bottle…

And boy was it a joy to revisit these notes!  I almost skipped writing a review for this wine, but seeing as I’m trying to stay consistent and build up that following, I gotta stick to it!  Sometimes I can be a little too harsh in my review, but I’ve found what I like in a wine, and sadly Campo Viejo did not check off the “enjoyed” box.  The only thing I liked about this tasting was the picture I took to accompany it, which I must toot my own horn and say, is quite nice.

Back to the notes; there aren’t many, but enough to get a good review in writing.  My favorite, “it’s not bad and it’s not good. Mostly it’s bad.”  Yup, that’s what real blogging is all about!  Further down the page in the journal we have in capitals, “OH IT’S BAD, IT’S BAD, YOU KNOW IT!”  Just a glimpse into my mind during these tastings.  One more, which I had to turn the page for this guy, “caught in the beauty of the outside with a lot of stink inside!”  What I think was going on there was how the bottle is beautiful, hence the art series, but alas, terrible wine.  The only Art series I’ll pay for from now on involves California!

I don’t mean to be so negative, so harsh… am I becoming a bit of a wine snob?  Maybe, but I know what I like.  Kind of like this girl I matched with on tinder.  She told me she only dates guys that are 5 ft 10 or taller because, she “knows what she likes.”  You’d think we’d be a match made in heaven, but I decided to tell her, well “I only date girls that are 115 pounds or lighter.”  Because, I know what I like.  And to my surprise she did not like that!  The audacity!  Obviously, I’m joking, I like you however you come! 

I digress, ah the wonders of online dating!  Back to the wine.  As my notes said, it’s terrible!  Buy a bottle, take a swig and see what you think!  We’re mostly here for the schtick anyway. 

Taste – 5

Recommend – 4

Price – 9

Smell – 6

Complexity – 5

Overall – 29 out of 50

If you want it, you can search yourself!

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