Second Bottle

Le Vigne di Eli

Etna Rosso

2017 / $25 / 14.5%

Etna, Italy

This bad boy was much needed after my previous review of el Campo – which was el stinko.  I’m happy to report that we now have a new addition to the top 10!  This delicious Etna finds a home at number 8 and for good reason.  Unfortunately, the last time I had this wine I was only able to have one glass as it was experienced at a party.  This time around I made sure to consume as much as I could, so as to provide a high-quality review.

This wine exemplifies everything Etna has to offer and if you’ve been a follower of the blog you know about my affinity for Sicilian wine.  I find that wines from Etna often have a slight hint of carbonation to them.  Normally that would be something frowned upon, but it works every single time with Etna’s.  This wine is just superb and gets better as you drink it.  Obviously not because ya know, you’re getting a little tipsy.  Rather it’s because the taste changes a bit over the course of aeration, opening up more over time.

I know I’ve stayed away from getting real “wine term specific” in recent posts, however, this wine deserves the “professional” treatment.  First, this wine has a wonderful aromatic woodsy smell to it.  And no, it’s not because of the wood burning fire as seen in the accompanying picture.  I made sure to get a couple sniffs outside to be sure!  It follows through with an earthy, almost fresh soil taste to it.  Which again, is lovely!  I know, I know, this isn’t what the Everyday Wine Guy persona is supposed to be about, but this wine deserves to be described with some class. I stayed away from the fruit hints because I would have lost readers by now!

I would suggest having Le Vigne di Eli with a light meal or by itself.  Bring this wine with you to a dinner party and the guests will not be let down (let them know who recommended it, so ya boy can grow his following!). Once again, this bottle is just that good.  I’d drink this any day of the week or by itself.  Definitely do not pair this wine with a heavy meal, it will not hold up.  At $25 a bottle, it’s not an everyday wine, but it will certainly be a nice addition to your collection. To improve your experience of drinking this wine, I would highly recommend allowing it to aerate in a decanter.  Give it a solid hour to open up before you thoroughly enjoy!  And to my lovely followers, well at least most of you, happy Thanksgiving ya’ll!  Get good and stuffed and crack a couple of bottles.

Taste – 8

Smell – 9

Recommend – 8

Price – 8

Complexity – 9

Overall – 42

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