Patricia Green Cellars

Patricia Green Cellars


Pinot Noir

2017 / 13.7% / $28

Willamette, Oregon

Yes, we’re back in Oregon again, but so what?  Dan don’t care!  I drink, and I know things… and I know where good wine comes from!  To frequent readers, it may seem like all I drink is Oregon Pinots, but that isn’t the case.  My palate experiences many a grape from around the world.  However, the Oregon Pinots just do it for me.  From now on, I’ll try my best only to review Willamette Pinots when they’re a showstopper.  I’d like to help broaden readers’ knowledge of all the possibilities out there.

Back to the wine.  This is another solid Pinot out of the state of Oregon.  It’s superbly rounded with plenty of structure throughout the tasting.  Structure – the major elements that can be assessed, such as acidity, sweetness, body, alcohol, and tannins – is one thing I’ve come to love about Pinot’s from Willamette.  Often, the structure of these Pinots changes while you drink, which is welcomed and enjoyed.  While there is some fruitiness to the wine, it’s not overbearing and doesn’t take away from the well balanced after taste.

One interesting thing I’ve discovered while drinking Pinots from Oregon is the big difference there is between a bottle under $20 and a bottle over $20.  Now don’t get me wrong, I understand a bottle of wine over $20 is not an everyday occurrence and not for everyone but it’s just food (grape) for thought.  It’s worth noting that many Oregon Pinot’s under $20 end up being super fruit forward without much structure to them.  The lasting flavor you get from them is their fruitiness.  I’ve come to realize that with bottles priced above $20, their structure and balance is much more present, which is something I prefer (the higher you go the more velvety texture and smoothness there is in the wine).  Again, I know that’s not for everyone but that’s just my preference.

Now to my lovely readers!  I hope you all had a fabulous holiday with whatever it is you celebrate and a wonderful New Year!  And I want to say thank you for continuing on this journey with me.  It’s one of my passions and I’m happy to share it with those of you who take time out of your day to read my humble little blog. And keep an eye out for our first ever 8 Point Properties LLC presents The Everyday Wine Guys Wine and Trees soirée!

Taste – 7

Smell – 7

Recommend – 8

Price – 8

Complexity – 8

Overall – 38 out of 50

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