Chancellerie de Chevaliers

Chancellerie de Chevaliers de l’ Arquebuse


2015 / $40 / 14%

Beaune, France

Pardon my French but this shit is legit.  This bad boy is a showstopper.  This is Dan’s kind of wine; super smooth, with plenty of structure and has a lovely kick to it.  It is well balanced and leaves you wanting more when the bottle is finished.  If you like a smooth, dry, low acidic red that changes taste throughout the experience, this is for you!  I could drink this all day every day.

The experience comes with a price tag though.  This is not a cheap wine.  However, that’s to be expected when you’re drinking wines from Burgundy, France.  Burgundy is known worldwide for producing out of this world Pinot Noirs.  And if you’re a fan of Pinot like myself, this is a region of the world you add to your travel list.

If you’re someone with a joy for wine but prefer not to have to break the bank, you splurge on this bottle only every once in a while.  $40 may not be expensive for many but for my humble drinking fix, this isn’t something I’m doing weekly, and certainly not buying it just for myself.  This wine deserves to be enjoyed with others as this particular bottle was.

Just for fun I thought I’d share what makes Burgundy the center of the Pinot world.  Burgundy is known for having the ideal “terroir” (environmental factors that affect a crops yield.  Terroir is only used when describing the environmental factors for crop production) for growing the Pinot Noir grape.  The reason the Willamette Valley in Oregon is becoming well-known, is because the valley’s terroir is similar to that of Burgundy. I’m adding this link if you’d like to read up on what Burgundy has to offer!

With all that being said, find this bottle, buy it and save it for a special occasion.  You can get by holding it for a few years, but don’t just open it for any casual night.  Find a good reason to pop this bad boy open and you will not be disappointed! And if you’re having trouble finding this particular bottle, go to any Burgundy section of a wine store and look for Grand Cru’s or Premier Cru’s and you’ll be very satisfied!

Taste – 9

Recommend – 7

Price – 5

Smell – 8

Complexity – 8

Overall – 37 out of 50


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