San Felice

San Felice

Il Grigio

Chianti Classico Riserva

Tuscany, Italy

2016 / $18 / 13.5%

Those who have heard me talk about wine before, and know me well, know my feelings on Chianti.  At times, I have described it as a “peasant wine.”  Yes, I am the son of a family of peasants, but my wine palate is a bit fancy ya’ll!  I get it, some people may really enjoy Chianti, but that shit is just basic ass wine!  In my eyes it’s for beginners and those who saw Silence of the Lamb and want to have their fava beans with Chianti.  Hold the human liver…

So why did I buy this wine?  I bought it with the hope of having my mind changed on Chianti.  Considering this bottle is under $20, I figured why not give it a spin…. Well guess what?  This mo fos mind wasn’t changed one bit.  That shit’s still basic ass wine.  There’s so much better wine out there – not only at this price but in general.  I’m sure there are a few Italians with jugs of it at their dinner table who would love to throw insults at me and disagree, but they don’t have a blog.  So, they can go eff themselves!

You cannot have this wine without food.  It was honestly painful to drink before eating.  Ok, maybe not painful but it’s just not good enough to hold its own.  This wine happened to be paired with Alison Roman’s caramelized shallot pasta.  And it you’re reading this Alison, I am single, and yes, I love you.  Kidding aside, the wine was completely overshadowed by Alison’s knock out dish.  If you’re reading this and you don’t know about Alison Roman, do yourself a favor and look her up.  Just like my blog, her recipes will leave you satisfied, and maybe even slightly in the mood…. I’d be remiss not to shoot my shot here since this will be going on the interwebs…. Alison you bring the food and I’ll bring the wine, and both of us will leave satisfied.

I digress.  Don’t buy a Chianti, just don’t.  The only time it’s acceptable to drink Chianti is if you’re in Tuscany, surrounded by a table of Italians and the wine is in a jug.  That’s it.  Plain and simple.

Taste – 7

Smell – 6

Recommend – 4

Price – 9

Complexity – 6

Overall – 32 out of 50

P.S. Ya mans has a new guilty terrible pleasure TV show maybe being reviewed soon! Tune into Netflix for some Love is Blind people!

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