Principe Pallavicini

Principe Pallavicini

Amarasco Cesanese

Lazio, Italy

2015 / 13.5 % / $20

Alright, alright my wine peoples!  I know it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted but let me explain!  Prior to the outbreak of ‘Rona I was in front of a computer screen for maybe 1 to 2 hours a day max.  Now with schools closed and a new-fangled work from home schedule, I’m in front of a computer for 6 to 7 hours straight.  Of course, a couple hours for videos games and my eyes are killing me from too much screen time by the time I’m ready to relax.  Turns out, the last thing I want to do when I’m done working is then sit back in front of a screen for an hour or two to write a blog post.  I’d rather just drink and relax.  I don’t think my fans would blame me for that.

I drank Principe a number of weeks ago and am mostly writing this because I first opened it when Italy was going through the worst of the pandemic.  I wanted to drink this wine and write a review about how beautiful Italy is and the amazing things that the country offers.  Then shit hit the fan here and I got sidetracked with how our lives turned upside down.  Now, I’ve settled into this new “normal” we’re all going through and wanted to swing back to this beaut of a wine!

There is no doubt that this is an Italian wine.  It’s bold, dark, dry, in your face, and hits you right in the feels.  Kind of like me.  Fair warning… once you finish a bottle of this bad boy, you’re going to be all sorts of loinsy.  Exactly all the feels you get when drinking a well-balanced Italian red wine; which is exactly what this is.  It’s no showstopper but if you’re in the mood for a solid Italian red, you won’t go wrong with this paesano.

This is a wine that has to be paired with a heavy meal.  You will not be able to drink this by itself, it’s just too Italian.  I’d recommend allowing this to breathe for at least a half hour as well.  Like many Italian wines, it’s a bit high in acidity but you can balance it off by pairing with food and letting it breathe.  The way to my heart is through a velvety, smooth, red, which this is not.  I wasn’t expecting it, but this wine is exactly the opposite of that, and it lets you know.  For the price, there are plenty of other Italian options that may be better.  But, if you’re interested in tasting your way through Italian grapes, you’d be surprised with the characteristics this wine presents.

Taste – 7

Smell – 8

Recommend – 7

Complexity – 6

Price – 9

Overall – 37 out of 50

Was having trouble finding it on wine-searcher but I bought it at Westchester Wine Warehouse for my Westchester peoples!

And it’s currently unavailable on


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