Brisa Carmenère

2018 / $7 / 13%

Central Valley, Chile

I received this bottle as a gift over the Christmas break, and though I am certainly not the type of guy to turn down free wine, I admit I have a strong opinion on this particular bottle that was gifted to me.  While I no doubt appreciate the gift and sentiment behind it, I unfortunately am going to have to be a snob when it comes to this particular vino.  Sorry I’m not sorry!  Though I love you all, just know that if you’re going to gift the Wine Guy a bottle, I’m going to review it… and that review may or may not reflect on you….

This bottle of wine is fairly comparable to a show that is currently on Netflix.  And that show is… You.  If you haven’t watched the show and plan too, now is your time to turn away.  You may ask yourself why am I watching this show?  And that’s because I have been told a few times recently by different people that the main character reminds them of me, so intrigued, I tuned in.  Having seen a few episodes of it, I’m HORRIFIED!  Turns out, the main character is a manipulative, stalking, murdering monster!  Makes it hard to like or trust someone who’s named Joe from now on.  But I see how we share some similar mannerisms.

The wine!  How could I forget about the wine?  It’s not great and it’s not bad, pretty much like the show.  However, you can’t stop drinking the wine just like you can’t stop watching the show!  The more you watch the show the more you find yourself rooting for Joseph and forgetting all the horrible things he’s done.  The more you drink Vistamar the more you like it, forgetting how bad it is upon opening.  With the wine you have a reason for liking it the more you drink it, however with the show, it’s your own fault you’re in this far.

By no means is this a terrible wine, it is what it is for a bottle under $10.  It’s perfect for when you and the ladies are getting together to binge the second season of You.  You’ll forget all about the lack of texture, complexity, and the high acidity of Vistamar as you find yourself coming to like the murdering protagonist that is Joseph Goldberg.

Don’t worry, I won’t always be this judgy about bottles; especially one gifted to me.  There was just a lot of You going on at the time of my drinking of this bottle.  And it all fit too perfectly, kind of like Beck’s gut feeling.  Who knows, maybe we’ll get more wine and TV show combined reviews moving forward!

FYI – Season two of You is a real doozy!

Taste – 6

Recommend – 5

Price – 10

Smell – 6

Complexity – 5

Overall – 32 out of 50

If you find it somewhere, it’s your own fault you’re drinking it…


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