Reserve North Valley

Willamette, Oregon

2017 / 13%

In the words of one Michael G. Scott; “I’ll be back, and I am back!”  It’s a Christmas miracle boys and girls.  The man, the myth, the legend… Everyday Wine Guy is back!  Did you miss me?  It has been a hot minute!  Quick rundown of the Wine Guys life over the past few months:

School is going about as well as one would expect.  Wine Guy has been quarantined multiple times and now his school is closed till the 4th.  Rejoice!  Luckily, I personally haven’t caught the VIDS yet, and currently can’t wait to get vaccinated – so as to turn into the first round of zombies!  I imagine I’d be one of those chill zombies that still likes to party but may eat ya brains a lil.

Pinot is loving life with dad being home; aside from the one fateful day I dropped him off at the vet where he lost two beloved body parts (despite this he remains an Ausshole).  The Wine Guy’s soccer team lost in the Sectional Finals, which brought on some heart break.  Man, it’s hard consoling crying high schoolers.  Hopefully they haven’t discovered drowning their sorrows in vino like the Wine Guy!  I kid I kid…. Aside from that, he was awarded Coach of the Year and is currently living his best WFH life.

Ok, now to the wine; I know I said no more Pinot’s from Willamette, but this is some gooooood shit.  So I had to write about it.  There is a reason I didn’t include its price though… it was a gift.  And boy, do I wish I could receive gifts like this more often.  I would welcome the opportunity to become the most boujee wine drinker there is!

This is one of those wines that just makes you feel all warm and cozy inside.  It also helped that I had a great view while enjoying it… and no I’m not talking about Pinooch.  This wine pairs exceptionally well with good company and a charcuterie board!  Please, never drink this wine alone, or any Soter for that matter.  They’re just too good to consume alone.  This is a classic Willamette Pinot, dry, velvety smooth, light, with a delicious follow through.

My company for the evening claimed to taste lots of fruits, and that you should drink this wine in the fall, while she dropped crumbs all over the floor…. Per usual.  However, what really put this tasting over the top was the hummus drizzled with Greek extra virgin olive oil that accompanied the wine.  Now, I’m not just saying that because this olive oil was definitely imported by the Mafia (please don’t break my knees) but there was something about the two of them paired together.  It was phenomenal.  Aside from that, you’re going to want to drink this wine with a light meal, appetizers, or by itself.

This is an ideal holiday wine to be shared and enjoyed with those you care about most.  Especially during COVID you may have fewer of those opportunities so take advantage of them while you can!

Unlike Mase, ya boy won’t be dropping this and bouncing for good!  He’s back to stay ladies and gents!  Enjoy the holidays and I hope all you crazy cats and kittens are safe and healthy!

Cheers ya filthy animals!



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