Second Bottle


Pinot Noir

Central Ontago, New Zealand

2015 – 14%

Acid – 2.7 out of 5

Dry – 3.6 out of 5

            I couldn’t think of a better occasion to crack open this bottle than Valentines Day.  Yes, this wine just so happens to be in my personal top ten (#7 as a matter of fact) and it’s there for good reason.  I’ve enjoyed this wine two times before and unfortunately did not have the opportunity to review it.  I was looking forward to my next time so I could really capture in writing how this wine exemplifies the beauty of the grape.

Yes, it’s Valentines Day so excuse me while I get a little romantic about this baby.  Wine has the magical ability to not only tell you about its place of origin but to transport you there.  Wine can transmit a sense of place, culture, people, and time.  You can feel the love and devotion that’s put into a beautifully sculpted bottle of wine.  What other product can you truly enjoy that may have been developed over a hundred years ago?  Today, you can open up a bottle of Madeira or vintage port produced more than a century ago that is not only drinkable but also delicious.  But, I digress.  Back to my Loveblock. 

Even though I’ve never been to New Zealand, this wine brings me to a tall mountain range overlooking lush green scenery.  The smells of blossoming flowers followed through with the cool salt air of the Tasman Sea.  When I think of New Zealand, more often than not, I think of scenes in Lord of the Rings… especially the small hobbit homes covered in wild grow and buzzing with beautiful wildlife.  Those thoughts make me want to light up my corn cob pipe, pour myself a tall glass of Loveblock, and enjoy the landscape.

            In the glass, Loveblock has a very light ruby color to it.  On the nose, I’m struck by just how beautiful this wine smells.  It’s followed through with hints of moss, rose pedals, black cherry, and strawberry. 

            Now to the good part; the drinking of this gem.  For such a light colored wine, it sure does have the tasting characteristics of a medium bodied bold wine.  Its tannins are present throughout the experience.  From first sip your senses are brought to the spice and tobacco notes, with the finish coming through in a well-balanced fashion. 

What’s fantastic about this wine is how well it follows through throughout your tasting experience.  From first sip to last, you get a sense of just how crisp this wine is and the dedication that was put into the process of creating this wine.  Other Pinots that I’ve tasted have been fruity from nose to tongue.  This one however was fruity on the nose but remained earthy and complex throughout the whole tasting process, which honestly was a very pleasant experience.  I hope you find the time to enjoy this wine just as much as I did.

Value – Top Tier

Taste – 4

Overall – 4

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