Second Bottle

Decugnano dei Barbi

Villa Barbi

Umbria Rosso

Cabernet Sauvignon 34% / Sangiovese 33% / Merlot 33%

2016 – 14% – $17

Acid – 1 out of 5

Dry – 4 out of 5

            For this review we’re heading back to my hand gesturing home land of Italia.  This time we’ll be in the region of Umbria, a region that unfortunately I have yet to visit.  And if this wine is any indication of what Umbria has to offer, I’ll be there on my next flight!  If this Umbria Rosso is representative of the wine that the region produces I will be bulking up on its wines immediately.

            In the glass, Villa Barbi has a beautiful ruby color with hints of dark fruits, tobacco, and oak.  On the nose as this wine opened up it turned to a more earthy smell – in a pleasant way – reminiscent of a warm summer morning when the dew is out in all its glory.

            As I drank this wine at times it felt like I was drinking a light carbonated wine.  And as unappealing as that may sound, it was fantastic.  In Italian, it would be described as “frizzante.”  This wine is super dry but not in a mouth smacking kind of way.  While very dry it’s an easy drinking wine with little to no acidity and is felt most on the back of your tongue.  I’m usually a fan of wines you feel more in the back of your throat but this was very enjoyable. 

            It just so happens that Umbria is well known in Italy for producing some of the countries best truffles.  And funny as it may sound, the more I drank this wine the more I wanted it paired with a dish of pasta with black truffles.  However, for my meal it did pair well with skirt steak.  Once again, this wine is terrific and easy to sit back and relax with. 

Value – Casual Night or Impressing Company

Taste – 3 out of 5

Overall – 3 out of 5           

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