Second Bottle

Bodega Chacra


Patagonia, Argentina

2017 – 13%

Pinot Noir

Acid – 2

Dry – 3.5


This was a first for me.  I’ve had very few South American wines before and have disliked each one of them with a passion.  However, this being a Patagonian wine, I didn’t even know what to expect.  But oh, was I intrigued.  The picture I have of Patagonia is of the mountainous land, snow-capped cliffs, massive grasslands, and the driest of deserts.  This was however, a beautiful view in its own regard.  Not your typical Patagonia view but just as stunning.

In Patagonia, Chacra is considered a special piece of land destined to pomology and thought to have a vital energy center with the ability to connect the universe.  Well this pinot connected me to what Chacra’s founder Piero Incisa Della Rocchetta has perfected in Patagonia.  This wine does what many wines don’t succeed at.  Being able to transmit you through the growth of the wine.  In a sense, you’re tasting each part of the winemaking process.  And that complexity is what truly makes Barda stand out in an Argentinian sea of Malbecs.

In the glass, Barda has a dark ruby slightly purplish color to it.  On the nose, this wine has some interesting characteristics.  My initial sensation from this wine is of freshly tilled, wet soil.  As the wine opened up in the glass I started to get hints of cinnamon, orange peel, oak, and vanilla.  Woods and earth were definitely the most common scents that I experienced throughout the tasting.

However, on the tongue this wine turned into a completely different animal.  I was first struck by just how smooth and “plush” this wine felt in my mouth.  You could say it felt velvety with lingering flavors of strawberry.  Its finish was where its tannins really came through along with a touch of vanilla.  During my tasting, Barda was felt most in the very back of my throat.

Barda would definitely pair well with a few different dishes or foods.  It fits a broad spectrum of palates, from penne vodka to beautifully grilled venison steak.  Funny enough, what I was craving while enjoying Barda was a slice of margherita pizza.

What I’m left with most after drinking this wine is how I’d like to buy another bottle and cellar it.  I feel that this wine would do well to sit and develop more structure and complexity to it.  Cellaring this wine will give it a chance to mature which in turn will make its tannins more present.  While it’s fresh as a young wine, I will absolutely buy a few more to throw in the cellar.

Value – Impressing Company

Overall – 7.5

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