Second Bottle

Vincent Dampt


Chablis, France

2017 – for the life of me could not find alcohol %


Acid – 3.5 out of 5

Dry – 4.1 out of 5


Now I’ll be the first person to say that I’m not the biggest fan of white wine in general, unless it’s a dry Riesling…  There aren’t many things better than a dry Riesling done right.  I must say, that I wasn’t prepared to write a white wine review quite yet, especially since it’s still winter and I’ve never been big on spending an evening with a glass of white to begin with.  I also don’t have much experience with Chardonnay’s…  But if I’m going to have white wine, I definitely prefer dryer whites or a Chardonnay that does not have a buttery structure to it. 

The staff of one of my favorite wine stores recommended this wine to me and it comes from the Chablis region of France.  Chablis is one of France’s northern most wine regions (Burgundy wines).  Only the Champagne region is further north.  While this wine does have some nose hints of Champagne it certainly fits the Chablis characteristics.  Chardonnays grown in this region deal with much colder and extreme temperatures than many of the other French regions.  The vines are also planted on Jurassic soils (ancient oyster shells) giving the wine its mineral and flint accents.

In the glass, this wine has a lovely pale gold-green color.  On the nose there are hints of pear, citrus, and lemon peel.  There is also a slight stone characteristic, similar to when a rock breaks and leaves behind fine dust.  Before researching Chablis further, I was struck with its hint of champagne and was pleasantly surprised to find out how close the Champagne region is too Chablis.

On the tongue, I’m struck by how crisp and dry this wine is.  It’s certainly a very easy drinking wine with a finish of limestone grit to it – in a pleasant way.  If you close your eyes you definitely catch flavors of the mineral limestone.  I enjoyed how light and crisp it was, and that it did not have the buttery texture that I tend not to like.  I’d definitely enjoy this wine more in the summer chilled on a beach, shades on my eyes, book in my hand.  You’d do well to pair this wine with a fish/shrimp dish or even better – with some oysters. 

All in all this wine was very pleasant during my tasting.  It does have some nice structure to it, but it’s not my favorite of all time.  I’m a Riesling man when it comes to whites, so I may be a bit biased.  But if you enjoy easy drinking, light, super dry Chardonnay’s, this is your go too.

Value – Casual Night

Overall – 5.2

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