Ken Wright

Ken Wright Cellars

Pinot Noir

Carlton, Oregon

2015 – 13.5%

Pinot Noir

Dry – 2.5 out of 5

Acid – 4 out of 5


Let me paint an image of my time with Ken Wright’s Pinot Noir…  It was the first “outside kind of dinner” – evening, book in hand, bowl of pasta and a bottle of Willamette’s best.  Living in the suburbs has some perks compared to my time in the city.  I can walk out my front door, drop my toes in the grass, enjoy a nice barbeque on the patio, and listen to the sounds of chirping birds instead of honking horns.  On this particular evening I was entertained by my neighbor’s 10-year-old chasing squirrels in his front yard.  It seems the youth of today bait squirrels with kale chips instead of the sweets I was used to.  The wine and pasta were fantastic in and of itself, but I stayed for the show.  Just an observation, there are way too many squirrels and way too many unathletic youths.

Now back to the wine.  In the glass, Ken Wrights Pinot Noir has a classic, beautiful ruby color to it with hints of raspberry, oak, and earthy characteristics.  On the nose It was light – absolutely perfect for those cool spring evenings. 

On the tongue, the gentle texture of the wine followed through throughout my tasting experience.  I’m usually not the biggest fan of acidic wines especially on their follow through, but because of how light this wine was it was an excellent complement to its finish. 

This is the kind of wine you pair with pasta.  I may have not been having fettuccine alfredo but the next time you cook some up, pair it with Ken Wright’s Pinot Noir.  You will certainly not be disappointed. 

Willamette Valley is at the top of my list for the next vacation because of the wines they’re producing.  If you want a budget friendly pinot you can’t go wrong with Ken Wright.  Of course, you can spend more for pinot’s that challenge even the best burgundies.  However, if you’re looking for a light pinot that will want you filling up another glass and asking for a second bottle, look no further than this gem.

Value – Casual Night/ Impressing Company

Overall – 7.3

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