Update 2.0

Well it’s been a while, and I know my loyal readers have been itching – only figuratively – for a write up.  This will just be a quick update for things to come.  I’ve been reflecting on the blog as a whole – where it currently is, and what’s to come.  I’ve also received some great feedback on what I’ve presented so far.  One consistent theme is that this isn’t a wine blog for the everyday guy, and I can understand why.  From the way I describe “mouth feel” to the smells, and flavors I experience, that’s not what the everyday wine guy cares about.

It’s also been brought to my attention that eating a bowl of pasta, drinking a glass of wine, and watching the neighbors kid behave like a total fool can come across as “creepy.”  And yes, as I read that back I can see why that might be.  But as a teacher of young children there are few times where I can openly mock them for their foolish behavior.  That being the case, when the opportunity arises and under appropriate circumstances, I will happily mock away.

Looking ahead, I will keep my posts as simple as possible with what the wine reminds me of, or makes me think of, what I’d like to pair it with in the future, and my recommendation for the type of occasion the wine should be enjoyed.  I’ve also revamped my review process to fit in a 50-point scale.  My five categories will be taste, smell, complexity of the wine, how willing I am to recommend, and price.  Each category will be worth 10 points in total with the highest score possible being a 50.

Smell – 1-10, 10 best aroma

Taste – 1-10, 10 best tasting

Complexity – 1-10, 10 more complex

Recommend – 1-10, 10 highest recommended


0-10 = 10 points
11-20 = 9 points
21-30 = 8 points
31-40 = 7 points
41-50 = 6 points
51-60 = 5 points
61-70 = 4 points
71-80 = 3 points
81-90 = 2 points
91-above = 1 point

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