Second Bottle

Forge Cellars

Dry Riesling Classique

Riesling – 100%

2017 – 13%

Acid – 1 out of 5

Dry – 4.3 out of 5


Where do I begin with Forge…? It’s number four on my top ten for good reason.  Forge Cellars is a dry Riesling which has gone unknown to many every day wine drinkers.  When I mention Riesling when talking about my favorite grapes, the majority of the time, I get reactions of disgust quickly followed by, “isn’t Riesling a sweet wine?”   And yes, some Rieslings are sweet (which are disgusting – in my opinion) but dry Rieslings can actually be some of the best wines you’ll experience.  Forge Cellars knocks this category out of the park.

The majority of dry Rieslings are produced in Germany and Austria, but this one is produced closer to home – the Finger Lakes.  Thanks to terroir that is similar to its European counterparts, the Finger Lake region has been producing top notch Riesling for many years.  Because riesling’s grapes love cold weather and are often harvested later in the season, growers in this country have been able to match the European conditions that Riesling has thrived on for centuries.

Now back to the wine.  It’s honestly just outstanding.  If I lived in a warm climate all year, I would drink this bottle of Forge on the reg.  With summer here you’re going to want to open this baby right down by the river, open the lawn chair and guzzle.  It’s a clean, crisp, refreshing wine that just deserves to be in your summer rotation… or generally whenever you can.  However, if you don’t want to seem like a full-blown alcoholic you can happily pair this bad boy with seafood.  Some shrimp, salmon, lobster, couple scallops, oysters for good measure – baby you got a stew going!

If I had to find one flaw in this wine, it would be its lack of complexity – it’s the same from first sip till last.  It’s an amazing taste – don’t get me wrong – but in order to call myself the everyday wine guy I must find some kind of flaw in it.  That said, do yourself a favor and purchase this bottle for a cool summer evening, or warm summer day.  For under $20 it can’t be beaten.

FYI, if your name is Al F it’s quite shrewd to have this bottle in your stock, so as to continue to just stare at it.

Taste – 8

Recommend – 9

Price – 9

Complexity – 7

Smell – 8

Overall – 41 out of 50

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