Second Bottle

The Withers


El Dorado, USA

Grenache & Mourvèdre

2018 – 13.1%

Acid – 1.2 out of 5

Dry – 3.8 out of 5


Rosé season!?  Wha!  Oh my god you’re a horse!? Wha! Actually, I’m not really a horse.  I’m a broom.  Oh my god you’re a broom!? 

Ok, now that I’ve got that out of my system, back to the wine.  Of all of the seasons, Rosé season is certainly a top favorite of mine.  It means three things: it’s pool time, beach time, and ice-cold refreshment time.  As nice as it is to enjoy a room temperature red during the fall and cold months, there are few things that can beat a properly chilled Rosé.  Whether it’s in the ice bucket next to your table, sipped poolside or while lounging, getting your bronze on at the beach, you’re in for a relaxing time.

The main reason why I enjoy Rosé so much is because it’s the perfect combination of the body of a red with the crisp refreshing characteristics of a white.  Like my last post about Riesling, Rosé can run the gamut from sweet to very dry.  I lean towards the dryer wines as I’m not the biggest fan of sweet alcohol and the morning after effects.  I also love Rosé because it can be paired with heavy foods such as meats and BBQ, whereas most typical whites cannot be paired with heavy dishes.

The Withers is on the dryer side of Rosés and certainly fits the bill when it comes to kicking back and relaxing.  You can absolutely drink this by itself or pair it with anything from fish to BBQ.  Many of my favorite reds have the tannic mouth smacking bite to them that The Withers manages to accomplish in this bottle of Rosé.  It has a nice body characteristic to it which can be due to the majority of the grape mixture coming from the Grenache grape. 

While this is certainly a good Rosé, I wouldn’t necessarily say this is the best of the best – especially given its relatively high price (around $20 a bottle).  I’m a bit down on this particular bottle because I’ve tasted The Wither’s Pinot Noirs before, which have been superb. Whereas their Rosé leaves something to be desired.  If I was looking to impress someone who is skeptical about Rosé I would certainly find another bottle around the same price that would do a better job than this one.

It’s a good wine.  But it’s mostly a broom, dressed up as a horse.

Taste – 7

Recommend – 6

Price – 8

Complexity – 6

Smell – 6

Overall – 33 out of 50

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