Second Bottle

Pierpaolo Pecorari

Ros Alba Rosato

Venzia Giulia, Italy

Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot / Refusco

2018 / 12.5% / $15

I apologize that I wasn’t able to take a picture with this bottle full, especially considering that this wine had a unique, slightly orange hue to it.  It was different than what I’m used to, but quite nice to look at in the bottle.  Kind of like me in a suit…. You’re not used to it but when you see it, oh weeeee her some Mr. Steal ya Gurl!

Have you ever woken up and thought to yourself, “boy for dinner tonight, I could go for some tacos and Rosé?”  No?  Good, because I haven’t either!  But when one person wants tacos and the other wants Rosé, you have to compromise, right?

A little history on Dan.  He loves Rosé and he loves tacos.  Do you want to know what Dan doesn’t love; tacos washed down with Rosé.  This wine was no bueno con tacos but muy bueno sin tacos!

I don’t throw the word “best” around very often, but this Rosé is the best bottle of Rosé I’ve had to date.  It’s just phenomenal, plain and simple.  This is a wine that is clean, just dry enough, with a beautiful follow through.  The finish of this wine leaves you wanting to drink more and more of it.

Unfortunately, I only had one bottle on hand during the tasting, and it was consumed rather quickly.  As you’ve read above, this wine does not go with tacos.  However, it does pair well with seafood, BBQ, and amazingly with burgers.  I quickly purchased a second bottle the day after this tasting and enjoyed it with some Shake Shack, which made for a terrific meal with Pierpaolo.

As I’ve found with most Rosés, they lack complexity.  For the majority of my tastings of Rosê, their texture tends to stay consistent throughout the drinking process.  That theme continued with Pierpaolo; the taste didn’t change from first sip to last.  Not a deal breaker by any means but if there is any flaw to find in this wine that would be it.  Again, it’s just something to nitpick over.

Do yourself a favor and go find this bottle, buy two or three, and enjoy a warm summer day drinking some fantastic Italian Rosé

Taste – 8

Recommend – 8

Price – 9

Smell – 7

Complexity – 6

Overall – 38 out of 50

Find near you Here!

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