Second Bottle


Dry Riesling

Geneva (NY)

Riesling 100%

2016 / 12.5% / $18

At this point in our wine journey we are all aware of my appreciation for a great glass of Dry Riesling.  Riesling’s texture is just completely different than all other wines I’ve enjoyed.  It has the ability to match the structure that is associated with some of the best red wines out there, but you don’t often want a red wine in the summer months and that’s why a cold, crisp Riesling hits the spot. 

I recently purchased one of those southern propane burners and massive stock pots for a crawfish boil.  However, due to decisions out of my control, the boil was delayed for the time being.  Now, I’ve been itching to find a reason to have another boil and a perfect Sunday summer night family dinner was the right occasion.  I decided to put the burner and pot to use by boiling off some lobsters and making homemade lobster rolls.  FYI ya boy can whip it up with the best of them.  As you can tell from the picture the lobster rolls were banging.  The wine was good, but the lobster rolls were out of this world. 

There was no better pairing for the dinner than this bottle of Riesling.  Ravines is another outstanding producer from the Finger Lakes.  Upstate New York has a rich tradition of producing fantastic Riesling and Pinot Noir vintages.  Their use of old-world wine making practices produces elegant and expressive wines. 

Ravines’ Dry Riesling is a good wine.  Unfortunately, all of my Riesling reviews get held up against the high bar set by Forge Cellars.  The best way to describe this Riesling is Forge’s “little brother.”  In my personal experience, the younger brother is usually the more attractive, athletic, and charming brother.  However, in Ravines’ case that’s not exactly true.  It’s not bad by any means, but it just doesn’t knock your socks off the way Forge Cellars Dry Riesling does.  One nice quality of the wine that I’m able to take away from it is its pleasant fruity follow through that is present throughout the drinking experience.

Unfortunately, for both the wine and the lobster rolls, they were overshadowed by my father rocking the drum solo of Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight.”  Let’s just say when Miguele gets to the second bottle all bets are off on what you’ll see from that man.  I’ll leave you with this:  if this bottle is available in your wine store buy it.  If this and Forge Cellars are available, buy Forge.  Either way you’ll certainly enjoy a classic Dry Riesling.

Taste – 7

Recommend – 7

Price – 9

Smell – 7

Complexity – 6

Overall – 36

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