Second Bottle



Pinot Noir

2015 / $19 / 14%

The name Janus comes from the Roman mythological god depicted as having two faces – looking both to the past and to the future.  Whether from good experiences or bad, as individuals we’re always looking to learn from our past to better our future.  Regardless of our circumstances, there will come times when we’ll all deal with hardship and go through rough patches.  What’s important is that you find the positive and productive ways to get you through those down times.  Whether they’re health related, physically related, emotionally, or mentally.  Everywhere, everyone is going through something. 

You can always count on your loved ones to be there for you, your dog to cheer you up, your passions to take your mind off things, and even for some, the warmth of wine.  You can certainly always count on a Pinot from Willamette Valley to warm your soul.  Janus is just that kind of Pinot.  I couldn’t think of a better option for the crisp autumn air and changing leaves than Brooks Janus.  This wine is just a knockout.  My love for Willamette Oregon keeps on growing and expanding.

There is no better time to drink this wine than now.  It’s deliciously light, dry, with earthy tones, and a bit more alcoholic than most Pinot Noirs.  It’s superb, really, and you can continue to drink this from today until the warm weather comes in the spring.  If I must find a characteristic to point out, it’s that there is a little acid bite the more the wine opens up.  Definitely not a negative but something to point out about the wine.  If anything, it just means you should get to the second bottle sooner…

I don’t mean for this post to be a somber one but it’s important to notice your highs and lows and continue to take each day as a fresh start.  Wine happens to be one of my passions, something I openly and gladly share with loved ones.  It gets me through my lows (not by drinking until I’m hammered!) and it’s there when I have my highs! It’s been around for thousands of years and will continue to bring people together for thousands more.  So, share it with your loved ones, embrace it for its differences, and don’t forget that it doesn’t take too much to be kind.  Learn from your past to better your future!

Little bonus for you all. If you’re ever feeling blue, had a rough day, week, month, there’s always hope. So, I’d like to share a little video that from time to time has helped cheer me up and lift my spirits. Hope it brings positivity to your life! It does, however have an unfortunate spelling mistake. But hey, the creator didn’t have the magic editing skills of one Evan Ach! It’s world mental health day, so take a moment to check in with yourself!

Taste – 8

Recommend – 9

Price – 9

Smell – 8

Complexity – 7

Overall – 41 out of 50

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