Second Bottle


Passorosso Etna Rosso

Nerello Mascalese

2015 / $40 / 13.5%

Sicily, Italy

I’m a teacher so my opinion here may be a bit biased, but I don’t care.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love what I do.  Teaching can be one of the most rewarding things out there – especially with elementary school age children.  Young children are very impressionable which is why I take great pride in setting good examples for my students, and why I love teaching.

However, I honestly believe teaching is one of the most difficult professions there is.  It takes a special kind of person to want to put up with all the bullshit you receive for being a teacher.  Whether that’s outside noise, inside noise, or the constant comments of “teachers get so many days off!”  Well you’d need those days off too if you had to deal with little terrors on a constant basis!  While they’re not all terrors some just make you want to curse your brains out.  The majority are absolutely precious but there’s always that one…

And if you strongly disagree with that statement then you’re someone who has never taught or are just a fool.  And if you’re the latter then go kick dirt.  Yes, we have more vacations than you, yes, we have pensions but let me see you try to wrangle 32 five-year olds for 6 and a half hours straight and try to keep them from killing one another or themselves!

Okay, okay back to the point of this post.  This is why teachers drink when they get home, or hopefully ya know, later in the day when they’re eating dinner.  For some, rough days of teaching followed by rough afternoons of coaching your team to a 3-2 defeat there’s nothing better than a glass of vino to decompress.

I don’t normally spend $40 on a bottle of wine, but when I do, I expect A LOT from it.  I’d had one of those days where I was looking forward to this bottle.  Recently I’ve been in these grooves of sticking to something that’s my “flavor for the month.”  Of late it’s been wines from Sicily, specifically the Etna region.  And to be honest, I was completely let down by this bottle.  It’s a 2015, so it’s not like it needed more years to age, and I was just left disappointed with it.  Mostly because I spent $40.  And because I’ve had much better wines for half the price.

In the glass this wine resembled a Pinot, very light, and almost see through.  However, it had some kick behind it on first taste.  I started drinking it before eating and did not like it at all at first.  Though once paired with my meal, I started to open up to it.  It’s not like I didn’t let it decant for a while so that’s not why it was harsh.  But there was a metallic taste to it and very strong finish that didn’t sit well with me.  We’ll chalk this one up as a mistake for the ole Daniel but hey, we can’t be perfect all the time.  And like any good teacher I’ll continue to educate myself on the world of wines and enjoy bringing that to my lovely visitors!

Taste – 6

Recommend – 6

Price – 7

Smell – 7

Complexity – 6

Overall – 32 out of 50

For the life of me I can’t find this wine online or where to buy. I’m not recommending it so it’s probably for the best!

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