Whispering Angel

Château d’Esclans

Whispering Angel

Côtes de Provence, France

2019 / $20 / 13.5%

It pains me to write this review.  It really does.  I’ve known about Whispering Angel for quite some time.  Before quarantine life, I saw it regularly at bars and restaurants.  I always assumed it was made famous by some influencer and now every basic white betch had to have it.  Whenever I’d talk to a basic white betch about Rosé, they’d always bring up “Whispering Angel this, Whispering Angel that.”  I’d always shrug it off as another unsophisticated Rosé drinking white betch.

Well guess who’s unsophisticated know!  This guy! 

The setting was ideal for Rosé (as you can tell from the photo).  Warm, sunny, Spring afternoon.  Peruvian corn, Chilean corn salsa, roasted salmon, and rice chips.  Oh man, just writing that sentence makes my mouth water and wish for more days like that!  There was of course, a fire burning, and the ice cream man’s truck bells ringing I the background.  It was an evening that made me forget about all the shit going on this world.

I’ll admit, all I wanted to do was hate this wine.  But it is, in fact quite delicious.  It’s the kind of wine you can drink on its own or pair with a light/salty meal.  It went exceptionally well with the Peruvian corn.  If you’ve never had Quicos, I’d suggest you head on over to Whole Foods and buy yourself some.  After you romp through Whole Foods you might as well find your nearest liquor store and pick up some Whispering Angel too.

This wine is exactly what you need when attending a pool party.  You’re there for the sun, the pool, the scantily clad individuals, but more importantly to party!  While today, you may not be able to party quite like the good old days, you can still dress down and get wasted in your home thanks to some Whispering Angel!

Ah the everyday wine guy sure does miss a good pool party right now.

Taste – 8

Smell – 8

Recommend – 7

Complexity – 6

Price – 8

Overall – 37 out of 50

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