Old Vines Garnacha

2019 / 13% / $13

When it comes to wine in the Fierro family, the only one who truly knows what they’re talking about is the Matriarch.  Mrs. Diana Fierro.  If you want suggestions – where to buy, what you should buy, etc.  She’s the one to ask, especially when it comes to white and Rosé wines.  Remember the scene from 300, where King Leonidas turns to his wife to get her approval?  In the Fierro household, before you open a bottle of wine you better get that nod from Diana, who claims to only buy Rosé from the Provence region in France (peep bottle from prior review); they’re usually the best.  For this review in honor of Diana I decided to open a Rosé from Spain to see how it fared.

Turns out this is a dangerous Rosé.  This is the bottle you open when you’re trying to have a good time, but still want to drink a great wine!  I could have easily downed a second bottle of this if I had one available.  It tricks you into thinking you’re drinking delicious water, but before you know it you’re in your boxers, two brownies deep, watching old episodes of Very Cavallari (wondering how Jay could’ve messed this up!?), and the dishes won’t be washing themselves!  This wine just goes down so easily while giving you some delicious tasting notes.

Needless to say, I discovered what “too hungover for remote learning” feels like the next day.  It doesn’t feel good if you’re wondering, especially since I’m waking up to the same ole routine – which I’m getting pretty tired of!  I need to see some other people besides my family members!  Drinking this Rosé made me miss the days of playing ass goose and throwing balls with the homies.  But instead, I’m drinking Rosé solo blasting Su Lee (certified 2020 banger – pretty much summing up 2020 so far).  Su Lee is for the people!

I digress.  I’ve had a few Rosés from the Grenache grape before and have always found them to be pleasant wines.  The Grenache grape just adds a bit of weight to it and holds that characteristic through the drinking process.  I prefer a heavier grape for Rosé because often when a lighter grape is used, they come out just that; much lighter.  Don’t get me wrong I like light wines from time to time.  However, a chilled heavy Rosé is much more pleasant to drink during the summer months, in my humble opinion.

So Diana, maybe it’s time you broaden your Rosé palate and discover what it feels like to be hung over for remote learning!

Now I find out Very Cavallari has been cancelled!  Could 2020 get any worse!?

Taste – 7

Smell – 7

Recommend – 6 – Just bc this is a DRINKING Rosé

Complexity – 7

Price – 9

Overall – 36 out of 50

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