Second Bottle



Lisbon, Portugal

2015 – 14%

Touriga Nacional – 30% Syrah – 30% Tinta Touriga Nacional – 30% Alicante Boushet – 10%

Acid – 2.8 out of 5

Dry – 3.8 out of 5


This shit right here!  This shit right here!  Let me just start this off with, “this is a BULK BUY immediately!”  If that were a value, my goodness this would be ordered case on case on case.  This bad boy costs $9 and oh man is it good.  You know these Portuguese have nailed down Port but who knew they could throw out budget friendly bangers too!  Don’t get it wrong I’ll splurge from time to time on a wine – but I’d drink this bottle of pure poetry any day of the week.  As much as I want to stop the blog right here.  I’ll get more into detail about Reserva.

In the glass the wine has a beautiful garnet color.  On first sniff, I’m delighted by the fresh raspberry smell, hints of spice, and oak subtleties.  This wine is quite refreshing to smell.  It’s like when you’ve had your windows closed all winter and that first warm spring day rolls up.  You open all your windows and let the smells of crisp, fresh spring air hit you right in the nostrils!  It warms up your soul and gets you excited for the birds to start chirping and the flowers to start budding!

On the tongue this is a very robust wine.  If you’re a full-bodied kind of wino, this is your go to.  There is no mistaking the Touriga Nacional and its rustic characteristics.  There is a hint of acidity that you first get in the back “roof of your mouth” but is really brought together with it’s phenomenal finish.  It leaves this lingering wonderfully pleasant taste after you have sipped it.  The tannins let you know they’re present at the finish, and the wine also has a nice smoky follow through.

As much as this wine pairs perfectly with a heavy winter meal what I look forward to most with this wine is drinking it around a campfire with some delicious grilled meat.  This isn’t just a wine that needs to be paired; I’d also drink this wine any night of the week by itself.  All in all, this is table wine done right, plain and simple…

Value – BULK BUY!  Casual night or Impressing Company

Overall – 7.7 out of 10

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