Second Bottle



Lisbon (Portugal)

Castelão 50% / Camarate 30% / Cabernet Sauvignon 20%

2018 / 12.5% / $8

Full disclosure, I wrote this review before I realized this wine is produced and bottled by the same family of wine makers as one of my go-to budget friendly reds (Colossal – an earlier review). 

There are few things that can brighten up a cloudy, rainy day, like a bottle of Rosé.  And what makes it better is the fact that it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and this guy is finally on summer break!  Yea yea I know teachers!  Always with their days off!  Well stuff it, the kids make ya wanna drink more!  Especially when you have ones with attitudes like these!  If I was Mr. Garvey I’d be drinking on the job.

This particular Rosé was a new experience for Daniel.  It was a very medium bodied Rosé with a hint of carbonation to it.  And what made this a new experience for ole Danielson was the aftertaste that followed through pretty consistently.  The follow through of the wine had a slight liquorice taste to it.  And honestly, I hate the taste of liquorice but it was so subtle that it was quite pleasant.  If you’re a fan of liquorice, then you’re really going to like this one.  And if you’re like me who can’t stand the taste, it really won’t over power the entire drinking experience. 

Other than that, this wine was very much like any other Rosé out there.  Looked beautiful in the glass, has a crisp light smell to it, and is very easy to drink (and who isn’t a fan of a pooch as the design either?).  I can see myself pairing this with a variety of foods, or just drinking it on its own.  And if you’re a big fan of Rosé and don’t want to break the bank, this is an extremely budget friendly wine that’s a pleasure to consume.  It’s nothing special as far as Rosé goes but it gets the job done. 

It’s not going to knock your socks off but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise for the price.  And that’s exactly why I brought up Colossal.  Colossal is a great budget friendly wine that you can crack open for any occasion.  Casa Santos Lima is doing things right and they’re quickly turning into one of my favorite wine producers.  So, I suggest the next time you’re looking for a wine and find a bottle produced by them, give it a try.  It certainly won’t break the bank but will leave you wanting a second bottle! 

Taste – 6

Recommend – 7

Price – 10

Smell – 6

Complexity – 7

Overall – 36 out of 50

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