Second Bottle


Pinot Noir

2016 – 13.5% – %15

Dundee, Oregon

Acid – 3.9 out of 5

Dry – 2.5 out of 5

Pinot Noir and Oregon go together like lamb and tuna fish!  Yes, you heard me.  And if you don’t get that reference than you can get the hell out! 

Sorry… but when expressing my love for wine there are few times when I don’t loop in how amazing Oregon’s Pinto Noir’s are.  Wine makers in the state have been producing knock out Pinot’s in Oregon for years.  Some vineyards have even beaten out makers from the finest wine region in the world, Burgundy France.  And that’s why I’ll be taking Secondbottle remote to Willamette Valley very soon!

Now with all of that said.  Damn, did Erath just blow this one!  Erath claim to be grapes from the earth and wines from the heart.  Please next time put a lil more heart into Erath and show us you can back up the words.

I always expect the best from Oregon’s Pinot’s but this one just misses the mark altogether.  It’s way too acidic for my liking and has no back bone to it.  It doesn’t leave me asking for more or really inspire me to put some thoughts together for my loyal readers (I did anyways).  It’s basic – just a basic Pinot from a really amazing Pinot producing region.  The only positive I could find from it was that it did have a pleasant smell.  Plus it hits the mark on a light bodied red and that’s about it.

Hey, if you’ve got a cheap – ahem – basic date that you’re trying to figure out where you want things to go, buy this, what the hell!  If she/he wants another date after sharing this bottle then you definitely know she/he likes you for you!  Drop some knowledge on Willamette’s prowess as a Pinot Region and tell them how their Terroir matches Burgundy’s almost to a tee.  It’s not really about what you know rather how confidently you talk about it.  I don’t know shit about computers, but I can put on the charm and confidently explain it to a bunch of monkeys!

I digress.  Bottle was consumed second bottle will not be purchased.

Taste – 5

Recommend – 4

Price – 9

Smell – 6

Complexity – 5

Overall – 29 out of 50

Find near you Here!

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