Second Bottle

Hermann J. Weimer

Dry Riesling

Riesling – 100 %

2017 – 12% – $22

Seneca Lakes – New York

Oh man oh man oh man.  Where do we start with Mr. Hermann?  How about we begin with the day.  It was a beautiful warm summer day spent at the pool.  Bronzing a lil, sweating a lil, chatting with the 70-year-old leather backs, swimming some laps.  Gotta work this spare tire off somehow!  And on my way out of the pool I decided tonight was the perfect night for a crisp, dry, refreshing Riesling.  And if you know me, I love me some dry Riesling (Forge!).

So, I decided to visit a local wine shop near me – one I typically don’t go to – to see what I could find.  I enjoy these trips because I can talk to the manager and get their recommendations.  I informed the manager that I was in a Dry Riesling kind of mood and have found success with Riesling from the Finger Lakes.  Well it just so happened I was in luck!  Hermann J. Weimer is a vineyard located in Upstate New York and the gentleman swore up and down how good this Riesling is and how dry it is.  He kept saying, “well it’s called a Dry Riesling so it should be dry.”  An obvious red flag I decided to look past.

This was a first for me and I’m sure not a last…. The wine was “good” with food (which happened to be some shrimp scampi ya boy cooked up!) and terrible without!  I had my first sip right when I opened the bottle and things did not settle well.  So, I thought I’d let it sit a little while and try again.  And to my surprise, it was just as terrible!  Though the taste changed when it was allowed to breathe, that change was not a pleasant one!

It was not dry as the store manager had insisted – in fact it was pretty sweet for my liking.  Maybe the vineyard is at fault for labeling it as a Dry.  Perhaps my standards are too high—or in all likelihood I just generally lack knowledge on the subject.  If you’re a fan of semi dry/semi sweet wines then please go buy this because it will be right in your wheelhouse!  But for Daniel, not so much.  The sweetness is overbearing, and while it’s extremely light, it has no real character.

Dan’s wonderful warm summer day was ruined by you mister manager!  I’m not going to call out this shop by name but oh man if the subscribers clamor for names to be named these jabronies will start flowing!

Taste – 4

Recommend – 5

Price – 8

Smell – 6

Complexity – 5

Overall – 28 out of 50

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