Second Bottle

Alright, so for this blog post I’m doing things a little different.  Unfortunately, I was unable to review a wine in the past week and will instead be diving into the wines of Sicily, especially those from the slopes of Mount Etna.  If you’re an avid follower of theverydaywineguy you’ve learned about my love of Willamette Valley and The Finger Lakes.  Well, now you can add wines from the slopes of Mt. Etna.  In the coming months you’ll probably read about my new found love for a different wine region of the world.  I’m a well-travelled wine connoisseur.

As many of you know Sicily is renowned as the origins of the Mafia, oil skinned paesanos, the creation of the cannoli, and most recently, pumping out superb vintages.  Specifically, from the slopes of Mt. Etna.  You can certainly find phenomenal wines from all around Sicily but I’m going to specifically stick to the vineyards on the slopes. 

The dominant grape growing from the rich volcanic soil is the Nerello Mascalese which benefits from high mineral content, higher elevation, and rainy climate.  Often times transferring that minerality into the wines giving them much depth and character.  If you’re a fan of fruit forward wines, then these aren’t for you.  If you like dry, well-structured wines then look no further than wine makers from Etna’s slopes.  I’m specifically talking about red wines (Etna Rosso) but if you’d like to learn more about how Sicily’s Terroir is impacting Italian white wines I’ll link a great article from the New York Times (NYT’s let me get some love clicks if you’re seeing this).  I didn’t want to just rip info from them, don’t wanna get hit with that royalty money.

I’ve sampled a number of Etna Rosso’s but really fell in love with two specifically.  Le Vigne di Eli and Tenuta delle Terre Nere (which happens to be number 10 on my top 10 list).  I liked these two specifically because they reminded me of rustic homemade wine done perfectly.   Both needed time to open up but when they did, boy was I was brought to the Italian countryside sitting in a handmade chair, around a handmade table, feverishly talking with my hands.

If you’re in the mood for a white wine instead, please look no further than one of my prior reviews about DonnaFugata, an excellent summertime wine.  Apologies again for my lack of wine review, but hopefully you’ve enjoyed our little jaunt down Sicilian lane.  And the next time you’re in a wine store just ask the manager for an Etna Rosso (if in the mood for red) or a Carricante (if in the mood for white).

Find Le Vigne di Eli near you Here!

Le Vigne di Eli delivered to your door Here!

Find Tenuta delle Terre Nere near you Here!

Tenuta delle Terre Nere delivered to your door Here!

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