Second Bottle


La Meirana Gavi di Gavi

Gavi, Italy


2017 / 13.5% / $20

I’ve been on a bit of an Italian kick lately… and honestly, it hasn’t been a bad thing.  Who wouldn’t want to eat and drink their way through that picturesque country?  Take me there tomorrow and it’d be difficult to find a reason to come back home.  Despite having already spent so much time there, there is always a new town to see, or experience to be had each time you visit.

I was pointed in the direction of this particular Italian white by a salesperson at my favorite wine shop in Westchester – Rye Brook Wines.  Not only is their stock exceptional, their staff is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.  I had originally gone in there looking for a white from Sicily, but they were waiting on a delivery.  Broglia was recommended as a standup Italian white (kind of like me) with characteristics similar to a Chardonnay.

The salesman was spot on.  This white has many qualities of a full bodied, rich Chardonnay!  I’d say that it sits somewhere between a Chardonnay and a dry Riesling.  It was exceptionally smooth and dry with not much bite too it, and just a hint of acidity.  If you’d like a break from Chardonnay and still haven’t been sold on dry Riesling, Broglia would be a great way to slowly dip your beak into the world of dry Riesling.

This is definitely a white that will be added to my rotation and if you’re someone who doesn’t mind spending $20 for a bottle of wine, add it to yours as well.  Broglia will give you a delicious break from a typical Chardonnay and leave you refreshed and wanting more.  As this was my last Sunday night of summer, the bottle was enjoyed in its entirety, before getting back to teaching after Labor Day.

Taste – 8

Recommend – 8

Price – 9

Smell – 7

Complexity – 7

Overall – 38

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