Colheita Selecionada

Dao, Portugal

$9 / 13%

It’s been a hot minute my wine friends!  A HOT MINUTE!  We’re in some unchartered territory with this pandemic and being on the front lines of our education system while it comes to a “halt” has put wine temporarily on the back burner for some time.  Boy have I missed you, my sweet sweet grape.  New York City Public Schools are doing about as well as you’d imagine during these unprecedented times but that’s not why Dan’s here today!  I honestly haven’t been reviewing many wines during this pandemic, because for the most part, I have just been drinking to distract myself from the everyday grind that is current life/work (don’t worry mom – not to excess!).  It’s a shame that the one bottle I decided to drink for this review turned out to be so bad!

As I drink this wine thinking of simpler times; being outside, enjoying the company of others, eating at a restaurant, I’m quickly reminded of how poor of a decision it was to purchase and open Cabriz.  I thought maybe it was just the first sip…. Maybe I needed to let it aerate a little more…. Nope!  This shit is terrible and the only reason I’m writing this review is because my Wine Peeps need to see and know this! 

Don’t get sucked into the nice marketing of this bottle and believe the hype because she stinks!  This wine claims to be the most sold wine from Dao and maybe that’s solely based on the price because the taste does not back up that claim!  I will never be purchasing this bottle again!

Look, it’s under $10, if you’re looking for something to just drink and not worry about the taste, then by all means go for it!  However, ya mans did warn you.  I will not be rating this wine; it doesn’t deserve a score.  Last thing to all my quarantined peoples – Dan missed you and hopes you’re all safe and well!  Stay home and save lives!  Then when the weather is nice and this all passes let’s get together and share a bottle and more likely multiple…

Arrivederci, bitches!

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