Naoussa, Greece

2013 / 14% / $17

We may not be able to fly there right now but join Daniele as he heads to Greece!  I’ve never been in person, or even experienced Greek wine (I don’t think) so this was exciting.  You’ve got to find small things to celebrate during the crazy times we’re all living through.  This may be a dark period but there is still plenty of happiness and joy out there!  And if 2020 couldn’t get any worse, now we find out Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are getting divorced.  I’d pay good money to get Jay Cutler on the next season of Too Hot to Handle on Netflix!  Cue that up, throw him in there with Lana; the Alexa of the no bone zone and we’ll have TV magic!

Ok back to Greece.  After drinking the wine, ya boy loves Greece!  And not to mention it’s a fun wine to say.  Kokkinos!  This is a light, easy drinking wine.  It’s the kind of wine I could drink regularly and be super satisfied with.  You could drink this by itself or pair it with a light meal.  This wine does have a sort of grit to it.  It’s hard to explain but there’s a slight bite to it that kind of works; it lets you know there is just a slight hint of acidity.

I’d say this is a perfect springtime wine.  I happened to be drinking it on one of the few days of April that was in the 60’s and sunny.  The sun was setting, just a cool breeze flowing through the windows, and the birds chirping.  I haven’t put jeans on in a number of weeks and all I wanted to do was throw a pair on, grab a light hoodie, a lawn chair, and starts a campfire to drink around as the sun set behind the mountain and Fasion – Feelins playing in the background!  Simpler times!

Now, I usually shy away from getting too specific with flavors because that’s not what the everyday drinker cares about.  However, this wine just smelled and had the most wonderful hint of cranberry too it.  It was just fantastic plus it did something I’m a huge fan of when drinking wine… its tasting characteristics changed throughout the entire drinking experience.  Plus, it was still drinkable two days later which surprised the hell out of me!

Finally, reaching out to all my lovely readers!  If you find yourself drinking a wine that’s just too good to pass up; write a little guest post – I’d love to share it!

Taste – 7

Smell – 9

Recommend – 8

Complexity – 6

Price – 9

Overall – 39 out of 50

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